Wetland Delineation, Mitigation & Construction

Habitat Management can address every aspect of the wetland permitting process, from delineation to mitigation design, construction and monitoring. We have extensive experience working with clients and regulatory agencies using both the Nationwide and Individual Section 404 permit process. We also provide follow-up services of compensatory wetland monitoring and reporting that are required by the US Army Corps of Engineers.


The permitting process begins with a delineation of wetland boundaries within a project area. We survey the wetland boundaries while collecting field data with portable GPS equipment. We can then generate a formal delineation report and map for submission to the Corps of Engineers (COE).

  • Habitat Management Wetlands DelineationJurisdictional Wetlands and Other Waters of the US
  • GPS Data Collection and GIS Mapping

Section 401 Permitting and Reporting

The next step is to assess wetland impacts and determine whether the activity is authorized by a nation wide permit or by an individual permit. Based on our extensive knowledge of COE regulations and the permitting process, we have secured clients’ permits for the individual home sites to large scale mine projects.

  • Nationwide, Regional, and Individual Permits
  • Pre-Construction Notifications
  • Wetlands Banking

Mitigation and Compensation

Most permits require replacing lost wetland acreage and our mitigation services require the design, oversight, planting and monitoring of compensatory wetlands. For smaller projects, we can arrange for purchase of wetland bank credits.

  • Impact Avoidance and Mitigation Plans
  • Compensatory Wetland Design
  • Construction and Maintenance


When wetlands are constructed for mitigation, a monitoring plan is included in the permit. We provide compensatory wetland monitoring services and reporting. We have constructed wetlands and achieved release in less than 5 years.

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