Construction Management

Comprehensive Solutions

Habitat Management provides our clients with the specialized knowledge and hands-on experience needed to navigate the complexities of construction projects.

Our construction management services integrate in-depth knowledge of soil suitability, erosion control, vegetation management, hydrologic reconstruction, wildlife management, GIS and equipment capabilities and limitations. We can take projects from design and planning to construction and successful completion.

We add tangible value by providing the resources and expertise needed to professionally manage quality, regulatory compliance, cost, and schedule.

Construction management services include:

  • Estimating and bid preparation;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Contract administration;
  • Field supervision;
  • Regulatory compliance evaluation;
  • Permitting;
  • Monitoring;
  • Contract compliance; and
  • Performance bond calculations and release requests.

Strategic Alliances

Habitat Management teams with Habitat Construction on many construction projects. Habitat Construction provides construction services to the private and public sectors. The company’s experience includes:

  • Mining;
  • Large scale earthmoving;
  • Highway construction;
  • Water, oil and gas pipelines;
  • Building construction;
  • Concrete work; and
  • Agricultural irrigation systems

Habitat Construction has the ability, resources and financial capability to perform multi-million dollar projects.

Valcrete, Inc. is our concrete production company with two stationary facilities and a portable batch plant. Our operators have extensive experience producing a variety of concretes for an array of purposes.

Water & Earth Technologies, Inc. specializes in surface water hydrology, watershed management engineering and automated telemetry monitoring systems. They provide Habitat Management with Professional Engineering expertise on projects where this is a required element.