Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado to honor HMI

Habitat Management, Inc. (HMI) is pleased to announce that Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) will be honoring HMI in stone in the front terrace of the Dos Chappell Bathhouse in Washington Park in a ceremony planned for spring of 2015.  HMI has supported VOC in their efforts to care for Colorado’s natural resources by holding volunteer events for the Waldo Canyon burn area restoration project.  HMI was contracted by Colorado Springs Utilities for this two-year habitat restoration and erosion control effort and completed a total of five volunteer projects with VOC to get the community involved in the effort.  The volunteer projects included hand-raking and seeding 27.5 acres of bare burned areas, spreading woodstrand mulch on over 4 acres, and harvesting and planting 2,100 willows.  VOC is in their 30th year of caring for Colorado’s great outdoors and HMI is proud to be recognized as contributing to those efforts.


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